What's going on with my Social Security Disability Claim?


If your SSD Claim Request for Reconsideration was denied:

  • Farmer & Wright will file an appeal on this second decline.
  • The decline letter in which the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends out are not customized and, most times, confusing.
  • You do not need to forward the letter to us. We will get a copy.   
  • There is nothing you need to worry about at this time.
  • Now we can request a Social Security Disability Hearing in which a judge will finally hear about your situation.
  • Continue your medical treatment and reporting it to our disability hotline: 844-369-9776

If your SSD Claim was approved:

If you receive an approval for benefits, this is GREAT news.  There are still a few more steps before receiving monthly benefits.  Farmer & Wright will be in contact with you on the process of obtaining your back pay and monthly benefits. 

  • If SSA calls, the client needs to answer their questions so that SSA can get their payments set up and going.
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Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

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