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Do you want your sibling to be reunited with you in the United States as a permanent resident? Luckily for you, the government allows U.S. citizens to petition for a green card for their siblings. If you don’t know this, then our Kentucky immigration lawyers are here to guide you and give legal advice on how to petition for your siblings. 

Why do I need a Green Card for Siblings Attorney?

Immigration law is not that simple. It is riddled with different legal jargon and constant changes in its process, requirements, and eligibility. All of these may seem confusing for a person without a legal background in immigration laws.

For years, our green card attorneys at our law office have assisted families in achieving their immigration dreams. They have comprehensive knowledge and background in immigration laws. They also keep track of changes in immigration legislation to better assist our clients. Their years of experience have made them effective advocates with a strong skill-set in fulfilling our client’s needs.

In addition, we also provide services for any immigration matters such as drafting immigration appeals, stopping deportation, obtaining a non-immigrant visa, and appearing in an immigration court

Green Card for Siblings

green card for siblings attorney KentuckyKeeping families together is one of the cornerstones of the U.S. immigration system. This means that the immigration system is geared to reunite those who are already in the United States with their loved ones so that they can live together in the country.

For you to be eligible to petition for either your brother or sister, you must be 

  • At least 21 years old;
  • A U.S. citizen; and
  • Willing to guarantee that the beneficiary of the petition will not become a public charge or reliant on government assistance.

As a petitioner, you must present proof of your citizenship, such as a valid U.S. passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, and so on. 

You’ll also be required to present copies of supporting documents such as adoption decrees, divorce certificates, marriage certificates, court records, or other documents establishing a family relationship with the beneficiary.

Who May be Considered your Siblings?

The USCIS has narrowly defined the term “siblings” for immigration purposes. Among the included type of siblings are legitimate, half-siblings, step-siblings, and adopted ones. 

In general, if you and your sibling share the same biological father but have different mothers, you just need to provide the following:

  • Each father’s marriage certificate to each mother; and 
  • Any documentation demonstrating that your father’s or mother’s previous marriage was legally terminated.

In detail, each type of sibling under immigration laws is described below:

Legitimate Brother and Sister

These are your siblings with whom you share the same birth parents. It is only considered legitimate if your parents were married at the time before you or your siblings were born.

Include a copy of the following documents with your visa petition if your siblings fall into this category:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your sibling’s birth certificate

To demonstrate a relationship, the names of your mother and father on your birth certificate must be similar to those of your siblings.


When you have a brother or sister who is only connected to you through one of your parents (either mother or father), they are your half-sister or half-brother.

In general, immigration laws do not require you to establish when the relationship occurred. This means that immigration law is mainly concerned with whether they are your half-blooded brothers or sisters to a single parent.

Include a copy of the following documents with your visa petition if your siblings fall into this category:

  • Your birth certificate
  • Your half-sibling’s birth certificate

Remember that it must be shown in your and your sibling’s birth certificate that you have at least one common parent.


When one of your parents marries someone who had children from a previous marriage, then your stepparent’s children are considered your step-sister or step-brother.

But there’s a catch: The marriage of either one of your parents to your stepparent must happen before your 18th birthday; otherwise, the USCIS will not give immigration benefits to your step-siblings.

Include a copy of the following documents with your visa petition if your siblings fall into this category:

  • Your birth certificate;
  • Your step-sibling’s birth certificate;
  • Documents proving that the natural parent’s and/or stepparent’s previous marriage/s were legally terminated;
  • The marriage certificate of your stepparent to your natural parent.

Adopted Siblings

From what the name suggests, this refers to your siblings who have been adopted by your parents. USCIS only considers those who have been legally adopted before the age of 16 and who have lived with the adoptive parents for at least two years before submitting the petition.

Include a copy of the following documents with your visa petition if your siblings fall into this category:

  • The birth certificate of your adopted sibling, indicating that you share a parent;
  • The adoption decree – indicating that the adoption concluded before you or your adopted sibling reached the age of 16;
  • Any evidence showing that the adopted child was in the legal custody of and resided with the adoptive parents for at least two years before the petition.

Looks confusing? It is best to call our Kentucky green card for siblings attorney to guide you on what documents or alternative documents you must provide. They will give you legal advice, assist you from start to finish, and increase your chance of having a smooth application process.

Step-by-Step Guide for Obtaining a Green Card for your Siblings

Complete Form I-130 Petition

Form I-130 will serve as the basis for your petition. It contains information about your siblings’ relationships, petitioner’s information (e.g., biographic information, citizenship status, Social Security Number), beneficiary’s information, and other information regarding your petition.

Don’t forget to affix your signature correctly when filling out the form. Other forms of signature substitution, such as a typewritten or stamped name, will not be accepted by the USCIS.

Fortunately, USCIS allows online filing for this petition on their website. 

Gather all required documents

USCIS requires supporting documents to prove that what you have declared in the form is accurate and true. The needed documents may vary depending on the type of sibling you have (as indicated above). 

Unless otherwise ordered or indicated by the USCIS, you must transmit just a copy of the required documents. Also, if the documents are in another language, they must be translated by a competent translator. You must submit the document, translated document, and certification. 

The certification must come from the translator, indicating that the translated copy is accurate and complete and that they are competent in translating the document.

If you or the beneficiary change your name, or if the names in the essential documents do not match, you must submit any legal documents (e.g., marriage certificate, adoption decree, or court order) to support such changes. 

Submit the Form and Supporting Documents

After you have completed the preceding steps, you must submit them to the USCIS. As mentioned, you can send them by creating a USCIS account online. 

On the other hand, those who choose to mail the paperwork must do so to the USCIS Dallas Lockbox facility (if the petitioner lives outside of the United States) or to the Chicago, Dallas, or Phoenix Lockbox facilities (if the petitioner is residing inside the United States).

Go to the USCIS webpage for direct filing addresses for Form I-130.

The Waiting Game Begins

When you are done submitting your petition, the USCIS will give you a receipt notice, indicating that they have received your application. After that, your sibling must wait until an immigrant visa slot is open for them. This is because the number of green cards issued each year is limited. The waiting list is lengthy and might take years to complete. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to speed up the process.

However, you may check the status of your application online through the USCIS Case Status Online site. Just look for the receipt number, usually found in the upper left corner of the receipt notice.

If the petition is approved by the USCIS, the case will be transferred to the National Visa Center (NVC).

Remember that while your siblings are waiting for their turn, they should not commit any crimes or conduct any behaviors that would result in the petition being denied.

If your siblings have done anything that renders them inadmissible, call our Kentucky immigration lawyer to assess the situation and provide options that you can take.

Reunite With Your Siblings With the Help of Our Green Card for Siblings Attorney Kentucky Now!

Our law office wants you and any qualified family member of yours to go through smooth family immigration. Our experienced immigration lawyer will provide competent legal advice and representation and guide you to get that permanent resident status.

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