Disability Claim

How to Appeal A Disability Claim Denied By Your Employer

If you are suffering from long-term illness or injury, you may receive social security disability insurance benefits (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI) if you match the eligibility criteria and filed an insurance claim. However, if your disability claim has been denied, it can be financially devastating, especially if your medical condition renders you unable

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non-dischargeable debt

Understanding Non-Dischargeable Debt in Bankruptcy

When debtors file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the primary goal is to get their debts discharged. As soon as the bankruptcy court discharges debts in a bankruptcy case, the filer is no longer to be held liable for them. Most consumer debts like credit card debt and medical bills can be discharged.

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personal injury in Kentucky

Personal Injury in Kentucky

Personal Injury Law or Tort law is a branch of civil law that compensates victims in money for accidents or social wrongs. The injured person filing for a lawsuit is called the “plaintiff,” while the person who caused such injuries is the “defendant.” In cases where the accident resulted in wrongful death, the family of

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social security disability

Basics of Social Security Disability in Kentucky

It is nerve-wracking when bills keep coming in when you have a limited income because suddenly, you can no longer perform your work requirements. Because of this, you may need to seriously consider applying for social security. Social Security Disability or SSD is a federal program in place that provides financial aid to those who

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chapter seven bankruptcy

No-Asset Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

Should I file for bankruptcy if I have no assets? The bankruptcy code provides different types of bankruptcy, so if you’re considering bankruptcy, you should know which kind to file. If you want to declare personal bankruptcy, you should figure out the distinction between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 to determine the right bankruptcy chapter

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Can You File Bankruptcy on Student Loans Paducah KY

Can You File Bankruptcy on Student Loans?

Can you file bankruptcy on student loans? While you can, it’s typically very difficult to discharge student loan debt. However, if you can prove that trying to pay back your student loans would cause you undue hardship, you may be able to qualify. What Is the Undue Hardship Exception? Courts rarely grant a discharge in student loan cases

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Can You File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills Paducah Bankruptcy Lawyer

Can You File Bankruptcy on Medical Bills?

Without warning, an injury or sickness can leave you out of work and struggling to pay the bills. Even worse, mounting medical expenses can quickly cause your finances to spiral out of control. But what are your options? Can you file bankruptcy on medical bills? Yes, you can — medical debt is one of the

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How Long Does Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Take Paducah Bankruptcy Lawyer

How Long Does Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Take?

If you are considering bankruptcy, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of Chapter 7 — one of them being the relative speed at which you can discharge your debt. But how long does bankruptcy Chapter 7 take? And what can you do to ensure that you don’t delay the process? A bankruptcy lawyer at Farmer

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