What to do after a car accident

What To Do After A Kentucky Car Accident

Things to Remember After A Kentucky Car Accident According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA, car and traffic accidents happen every 60 seconds. This means more than 5 million accidents occur in the country every year. In Kentucky, state police report that about 1 in 154 Kentucky residents was injured in

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bankruptcy chapter 7 vs 13

Is Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 The Better Choice?

We all know that filing a bankruptcy petition brings stress, fear, and anxiety. There are various considerations when facing the decision to secure your assets under chapter 7 discharge (eliminating all debts) or to seek relief under chapter 13 (paying back your debts over 3-5 years). Such life-changing decisions are better made when equipped with

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Declare Bankruptcy

Repercussions of Declaring Bankruptcy

What is Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a legal process involving a person or a business struggling with debts and needing some way to settle or pay off the money they owe from their creditors.  There are three different bankruptcy chapters in the United States bankruptcy code that a business or individual can file. Chapter 7 or

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Slip and falls

What Are The Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries?

Slip and Fall Injuries Explained Every year people suffer serious personal injuries as a result of slip and fall accidents. It’s because we’re all are on our feet, walking all day through various public places, including restaurants, stores, parks, and sidewalks. When you think about it, no home is truly safe from falls. You can

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car accident PTSD

Coping with PTSD after a Car Accident

What Should You Do if Diagnosed with PTSD After an Accident? Post-traumatic stress disorder is persistent following a vehicle accident. Not only are car accidents one of the prominent reasons for post-traumatic stress disorder, but studies have revealed that more than 30% of accident survivors suffer from it. Given the frequency of post-traumatic stress disorder

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ssdi income limit


How much SSDI should I anticipate in 2021? A significant issue when applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) compensation would be whether disability payments can solely provide you adequate financial assistance. There are a variety of factors to consider. By 2021, you will be able to earn a monthly payment of up to $3,148

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Kentucky Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Role of a Kentucky Social Security Disability Lawyer

A disabled person is defined as an individual with a physical, developmental, or mental condition that restricts his or her ability to work, perform any substantial gainful activity, and socialize with other people. A disability is considered as an impairment of the body or mind that affects a person’s way of daily living. It can

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Workplace Injury in Louisville

Dealing with Workplace Injury in Louisville

Employers are expected to take good care of all their employees by ensuring the occupational safety and security of the workplace to avoid any work-related injury. All companies must provide a safe and sound work environment to their employees. Failure to do so may lead to the occurrence of severe workplace injuries and accidents. Every

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