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There are many benefits of bankruptcy, some of which differ depending on the type of bankruptcy you file. Filing bankruptcy can stop a home foreclosure, car repossession, wage garnishment and harassing calls from creditors. The biggest benefit is that you can eliminate most or all of your debt and start over. If you are faced with difficult legal issues due to your debt, a bankruptcy can provide you with relief.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help individuals catch up on delinquent house payments and can even stop a foreclosure. Our bankruptcy lawyers can help you determine if this is the best option for you. We will walk you through the process and develop a strategy to help you get back on track financially.

Chapter 7 can also pause a foreclosure during an automatic stay. This may give you time to catch up on payments or renegotiate the terms of your mortgage with your creditor. A personal bankruptcy lawyer can help you with your bankruptcy as well as negotiations with your creditor. Your lender will likely have a lawyer on their side to represent them, so you deserve someone protecting your rights as well.

At Farmer and Wright, we have helped hundreds of clients solve their tax issues.  Many clients use a bankruptcy filing to stop wage garnishments or to even eliminate back taxes.

The bankruptcy code allows debtors to file bankruptcy more than once. We have had many clients who have had to seek protection under the bankruptcy code more than once. The rules governing multiple filings are very complicated. Always seek the advice of counsel when considering filing bankruptcy.

In most cases, with guidance from our bankruptcy lawyers, our clients are able to keep their home and their vehicles. In most cases, clients are able to keep all of their personal property. With a Chapter 7, some of your property will be sold to pay your creditors. 

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